I am Liam.
I write game reviews for GIZORAMA

I write poetry and short stories at: Words From My Nose Bone

I also co-host a student themed gaming podcast called Neekcast

I don't get paid for any of it.

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Why political engagement is critical to games journalism →


Earlier tonight, someone tweeted at me, “Not to be rude, but you’re part of the problem. You’ve compromised your integrity as a journalist by being an activist.”

There are always a few things that come to mind when I hear this viewpoint expressed. First of all, my role at GameSpot was not that…

Why the games press won't talk about ethical corruption →



As an ex-journo turned internet-monkey, I’ve spent the last week carefully toying with the idea of producing a video about the belief that the traditional games media is ethically compromised and/or corrupt.

After much consideration, I’ve decided that this would be a massive waste of time…

Some Morons are Crowdfunding an Anti-Anita Sarkeesian Documentary →


This is actually a thing that’s happening now. SERIOUSLY.

Shiny! Entire Cast Returns for Firefly Online →


Howard’s Oak


“Are you sure it’s safe here? I asked Howard, batting flies and branches from my vision.

“You might get stung by a wasp, but I see no white hoods or burning crosses.”

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A new story what I gone and done. Not formatted properly because fuck Tumblr’s formatting.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Has a Marijuana-Themed DLC Pack →

Neekcast 9: E3 Kings of Orient Are



Hey, did you hear that E3 happened? HOW COULDN’T YOU HEAR THAT? That’s what we’re talking about on this edition of Neekcast. We chatted about the quality of Nintendo’s conference, some stuff about gender in Assassin’s Creed (YEAH WE WENT THERE) and Liam gets depressed about Lifeless Planet. 

No song this week. Blame Obama. 

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Neekcast 8: RuPaul’s Drag Racist



Hey folks, it’s time for another tantalising tarantulising episode of Neekcast, one of several podcasts that can and will be found on the internet!

This week, we’re talking about Game of Thrones (no spoilers), Air Control, Among the Sleep, Transistor, and social issues DUN DUN DUNNNN. Steven also introduces his new feature: Drag Dictionary Corner. 

This week’s musical interlude is IV by Youth Novel —> http://youthnovel.bandcamp.com/