Neekcast 5: Neekcast Oranges - The IRL Episode ↘



Pull up a pew and crack open a bottle of your finest store brand lager, because it’s time for a brand new LIVE episode of Neekcast. We all returned to our home town to see our families and experiment with drinking beer and podcasting in one room.

Delve deep into this audio file and ye…

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Neekcast 4: Barbie’s Ski Sports Drug Party



Lincolnshire’s favourite gaming podcast is back for another episode, now with £12 microphone quality! Mmmmm feel that Neekcast quality.

This week we’re talking about new Assassin’s Creed releases, Goat Simulator, Escape Goat 2, Free to Play, and some interesting stuff about the difference between reviewing games and music. 

"It’s the most okay podcast" - Liam Lambert 

This weeks musical interlude is Lost Chips by Spanish Wives. 

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Currently recording Neekcast Episode 4 - Ask us your questions!


We’ll be recording for about 2 hours so get your questions in and we’ll answer them at the end! Tweet neekcast or Inbox us here.

providing we get any

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Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Round Up ↘

I shared my thoughts on Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight!

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Neekcast ↘


I’m now hosting a new podcast called Neekcast for those of you interested in keeping up with my stuff. Also still writing reviews at YAY FOR NOT BEING FIRED!

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Hey there internet.

I do things here and here.

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Broken Age Act 1 Review | GIZORAMA ↘

Heed my words and then do a flip or something. 

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I’ve had Brad for about 6 months now.  Despite how it might seem, he’s the possession in this relationship; he can’t go anywhere without me, and he regularly checks himself to make sure I’m still around. I am Bradley Boyle’s eyes, ears and mouth. I act as a bridge between worlds, both cyber and organic. I can tell Brad what to think and when to think it, and then I can tell the people in his life what he’s thinking after the fact. Eighty percent of his “original” thoughts are simply facts or opinions he ripped from me and regurgitated to his amused friends or bored co-workers. If ever he eats a meal that is just too tasty to be eaten, and must instead by consumed in (filtered) photo format by hundreds of other people, I am on call to fulfil such a need. I am the nagging thoughts in the back of his mind, I am the twitch in his fingers, I am the buzz in his hip. My name is A1387, and I control Bradley Boyle’s life.

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I am now studying creative writing, and have created a blog to post some of my work. Have a look at it with your eye globes if you want.

I also write videogame reviews over at GIZORAMA, so if that’s your thing, you can do that too! 

Peace and love x

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